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Friday 11.1.13

Posted 31 Oct 2013 in WOD
1. Close-Grip Bench Press: 10-8-5-3-5-8-10 (full-grip, slight pause top & bottom of each rep, spotter for every set)
2. 4-Minute Pushup Challenge:  Max reps in 4 minutes (LAX ball rests on 2 1/2lbs plate on floor, chest touches ball every rep, full lockout): 100 reps Rx (record your score)
3. Pull: Inverted row, strict pull-ups,  dumbbell row, chest-supported row: 3-5 sets of 10-15 reps each (not for time, but stay moving)
4. Rower: 4 minutes max distance
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Thursday 10.31.13

Posted 30 Oct 2013 in WOD
1. Deadlift: 10-8-5-3 (double over-hand, full/hook grip only, no touch & go)
2a. Farmer’s Walk: 5 sets: 5,3,1,3,5 laps around gym – increase weight each set as laps decrease, decrease weight as laps increase.
2b. American KB Swing: 5 sets: 15 reps each – increase weight each set.
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Wednesday 10.30.13

Posted 29 Oct 2013 in WOD

1a. Standing Press: 10-8-5-3-5-8-10

1b. Strict Pull-ups (practice): 7 x 1-5 mixed implements (use deep inverted row 5-8 reps)

2. Burpee: 100 reps total using 20 sec. work / 10 sec. rest intervals

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Tuesday 10.29.13

Posted 28 Oct 2013 in WOD
1a. Front Squat (from floor): 10-8-5-3 (quality over quantity, strong rack position, full depth, last rep looks like the first rep)
1b. Strict Pull-up (grease the groove):1-5 reps, mixed implements (no bands, use deep inverted row if necessary 5-8 reps)
(25 minutes max)
2a. Lunge ( reps per leg)
2b. TRX Glute Bridge and/or 45 degree back extension
2c. Inverted Ring Rows
20-15-10 reps (steady work pace)
3. Rower: 3 minutes x max calories (damper 5+)
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Schedule Update**

Posted 27 Oct 2013 in WOD

Vengeance will be open Tuesday 10.29.13-Friday 11.1.13

Class times: 5:30am, 8am, 6pm

Open Gym: 6:30am-8am.


Thank you again for your patience!


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Monday 10.28.13

Posted 27 Oct 2013 in WOD

It’s official, we’ve tied the knot!

**My apologies, due to scheduling conflicts beyond my control, we will be closed Monday**

I am doing my best to have a coach there ASAP.  I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. Please contact me at for any questions.



Barbell/Dumbbell Complex:

1a. Deadlift: 10 reps

1b. Bent-over Row: 5 reps

1c. Hang clean & press: 5 reps

1d. Back Squat: 10 reps

5 rounds. 90 sec. between each round

Bodyweight Complex:

2a. Jump Squat: 5 reps

2b. Jump Lunge: 5 reps per leg

2c. Pushups: 10 reps

2d. Mountain Climbers: 10 reps per leg (fast)

2e. Butterfly sit-up: 8 reps

As many rounds possible: 8 minutes

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Friday 10.25.13

Posted 25 Oct 2013 in WOD

** Box Closed Wednesday-Saturday** I appreciate your patience and understanding.  Please check back soon to see schedule for next week.

Today is the BIG Day!!


To help stay moving, try this:

1. Jump rope: singles and doubles – accumulate 5 minutes of work


2. Air Squats: 100 reps for time

3. Pushups: 4 minute challenge: max reps in 4 minutes

4a. Single-leg hip bridge: 25 reps per leg

4b. Inverted row (if available) and/or barbell/dumbbell row: 25 reps

Perform 3 rounds





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Thursday 10.24.13

Posted 24 Oct 2013 in WOD

**Box Closed Wednesday-Saturday.  Thank you for understanding, please check back for class schedule of next week.**


For those with a few pieces of equipment at home..

1.  Bear Complex with barbell or dumbbell (hang clean, front squat, push press, back squat = 1 rep)

25 reps for time


2. Carry – use heaviest object that you have available. Can be with a barbell, dumbbells, child, spouse etc.

Carry object for a total of 10 minutes.  Every set down = 5 burpees.

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